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Northcentral PA ATV Initiative



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System Map

System Map
Updated 10/8/2017

Detailed Maps

*  Kettle Creek to Denton Hill  *  Benezette
Kettle Creek to Denton Hill Benezette Thumbnail
Updated 6/29/2017    Updated 10/31/2016
*  Route 6 Corridor  *  Elk County
Route 6 Corridor Elk County Thumbnail
Updated 1/23/16   Updated 10/31/2016

 Please Remember: 

*  The maps contain currently legal trails and proposed trails ... Only the GREEN trails are currently LEGAL.
*  Be respectful, riding these township roads is a privilege, not a right.  Abuse of this privilege will result in it being taken away for everyone.




3/15/17          Lock Haven Express editorial:  Link

1/31/2017     The Northcentral Pennsylvania ATV Initiative was published in the January 2017 National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council's (NOHVCC) newsletter.  Read the article here:

NCPA ATV Initiative Logo

8/17/2016     75% of West Branch Twp and Abbott Twp roads now have signs.  The remaining signs are on backorder from DCNR.

2/6/2016      Northcentral Pennsylvania ATV Initiative Project Article: Link

7/25/2015     Northcentral Pennsylvania ATV Initiative Project Article:  Link


Please Check Back Soon for updated map and connectors trails ... this project is a work in progress.